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I've been working, drawing, rehearsing for tour, been doing a bunch of things. So for me your music is kind of about creating a feeling and transporting the listener to a place, is that something that's at the front of your mind when you're writing an album?I guess I go to a place when I'm making something, on a good day that's what happens.The pair released their first two full lengths on independent labels, supporting the organic side of the music industry, but have now made the move to the hallowed Sub Pop to release ‘Teen Dream’ the third instalment in Beach House’s emotional journey.I met up with the band the night before their intimate performance in the Fleapit on Columbia Road to discuss the new album and learn a bit more about who they are. So, I was in Paris and I decided to come to Baltimore…kinda a twist of fate, I guess.Legrand laments the references to Beach House as being "wafty, wavy, floaty, dreamy," and insists on the band's loudness and all-encompassing soundscapes they create: "We are a loud band.OK, so it's not abrasive, but it's not soft." Legrand wishes her audiences would focus on the craft of their songwriting.She states, "what you're feeling is the craft, that everything is there with intention," as opposed to the individual sounds that surround "the real meat of it all....This weekend, the Baltimore duo Beach House arrives in Los Angeles for two performances in support of its most recent work.

They were unsure if they wanted to meet here given the title of their latest Beach House record, , and, in mentioning that, have underscored a potentially cheesy thing that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Last week, singer and lyricist Legrand spoke on the phone during a tour stop in Columbia, Mo.

The interview has been edited for length and clarity. What was the thinking behind releasing two of them in such quick succession?

Yeah definitely, so you're about to head back on tour?

Over the past five years their union has produced of two of the most quietly magnificent albums of the past decade, carefully crafting the kind of dream pop that causes hearts to soar and tears to fall.


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