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It turns out I’m not the only Asian-American male to have troubles with the ladies (and gents and other folks).

A 2014 study by Ok Cupid explored how race affects desirability by polling both heterosexual men and women on their racial preferences.

In Boston, I see people tend to stick with their own skin color.. Is it still a stereotype up in the north about Asian guys in general ?

( didn't you know mixed babies are the most cutest and prettiest ) Here and there I will see white / black couple either guy/girl or girl/guy .

But has it ever occurred to you that our ideals of physical attraction are also racially charged?

In a society that emphasizes the importance of romantic companionship, it can be daunting when you fail to find potential matches. Sometimes I think “maybe our personalities were not compatible,” but I have only recently realized that it may be my race people are seeing.

however, yeah what are you guy's opinions on this topic?

GROWING up as a queer Asian person in Australia can be a unique and tiring ordeal.

The underlying sentiments behind these words were all understood like a piece of ironic fashion though.

For instance, whenever I see a white girl with a black guy I could really care less, but why is it that when I walk to a grocery store or something with my Indian girfriend, I get disguisting looks from Chinese guys?

I see more of the same thing every day, especially on campus.

In one scene in the movie, a young Caucasian man eyes and approaches the main character Ryan as he and his love interest Ning dance in a nightclub.

Suddenly, the stranger starts to kiss Ryan’s neck and in that particular moment you enter the same space as we imagine ourselves in Ryan’s place of who to pursue.


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